The Process


  Building dreams into a reality is a process. And this process, when carefully planned and organized, can bring much satisfaction and reward from beginning to end. Here at Andersen Enterprises, Inc. we lay out the process for you so you can understand each step and be assured that things are progressing as they should. Often, this process calls for patience and acute attention to detail. And when you understand the steps from beginning to end, we work together as a team to bring YOUR dream to life!










~Share your Dream - We sit down with you, listen to what you want and begin the process.

~Obtain Financing - Pre-approval with your lending institution preps the way and lays the framework for design. We can send you with a general budget to let your lender know what you’ll need.

~Develop a Plan - We bring in the architect/engineer to create your design. This will require both for estimating your project cost and applying for all needed permits.

~Estimate Determined - From the design plans, we lay out and itemize a project estimate. We sit down with you and go over each line item so you can understand the costs associated with your project and what your options are. From here any needed adjustments will be made to your design. This step is repeated till the design and budget are balanced.

~Acquire Permits - All applications, plans, and required paperwork are then submitted to appropriate building departments within your jurisdiction.

~BUILD YOUR DREAM - Upon receipt of all required permits, site work begins. Your dream is underway!





























So... Which comes first, the architect or the contractor?


It may seem like a “trick” question, but it is a very important on to ask yourself. The answer we would give you is “NEITHER!” There is a very important step to be take before we can go to work for you. That step is financing! In today’s economy. it is vital to know where you stand with your lending institution of choice. Often, our clients call with grand and wonderful dreams of what they want to build, only to have the banks tell then no-can-do. At Andersen Enterprises, Inc. we have learned the value of knowing what is realistic financially BEFORE the pen ever touches the paper. We know what building costs. And, initially, we can give you a general idea of what your ideas might require financially. We have worked with nearly every lending institution in the region and with numerous nation companies. We can recommend and refer you to both companies and lenders that we have found from experience are reliable, understand the construction process and keep things running smoothly with the budget. They can lay a financial path that will guide both you and us to know how to best move forward. This serves as much needed boundaries so that when it comes to drawing lines, quoting estimates and building your dreams, you are receiving exactly what you want AND can afford. Goals can be established, budgets can be adhered to and surprises can be greatly limited when you take this step first. And, we’ll take it with you! When choosing Andersen Enterprises, Inc. for your construction needs, you can rest assured knowing we are appropriately insured and licensed as a General Contractor in your area. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are working with you jurisdiction to insure code compliance and protection so your project can continue to come to life smoothly. You can enjoy the process of watching your dream become a reality even in the event of any unforeseen mishap. Should we use the services of any sub-contractor, we insure they too are properly licensed and insured for whatever part of your project they are needed.






























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